LiquidPlanner Adds Analytics Power to its Project Management Solution

With a single click, managers can generate dynamic, graphical reports across large data sets in real time.

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LiquidPlanner has added analytic capabilities to its priority-based, predictive project management software-as-a-service solution. The new feature in LiquidPlanner Analytics generates interactive, visual reports to help managers make crucial business decisions about resource allocation, client management, and project timelines.

With team and project intelligence functionality embedded directly into LiquidPlanner’s workspace, managers have immediate insights into key questions including: How are team members spending their time? What is the status of each client project? What’s our workload this month and how does it compare to last month? What can we expect in the months ahead?

LiquidPlanner CEO and co-founder Charles Seybold notes that “Using LiquidPlanner Analytics, managers can turn large data sets into actionable information with a single click. In addition, the solution visually represents past performance, current status, and future projections in a single, dynamic view.”

LiquidPlanner brings highly sophisticated project management analysis to organizations of all sizes. LiquidPlanner’s scheduling and analytics engine synthesizes all project data pertaining to team members, clients, tasks, timelines, and more, producing insights previously only available to enterprises with full-time analysts on staff.

With LiquidPlanner Analytics, users can instantly slice data in a variety of ways to create customized reports to be relevant to their organization. Hundreds of data fields -- including task estimates, timesheet entries, deadline dates, individual availability, and maximum hours -- can be incorporated, combined, and compared to yield insights for better decision making. For example, with one click, managers can generate reports by person, client projects, or custom fields. Users can access LiquidPlanner’s rich project data via a Web-based interface that is so intuitive no training is required. In addition, the reports can easily be saved, downloaded, and shared.

LiquidPlanner Analytics is designed for users with manager-level access and is available immediately as a cloud service at no additional charge. Monthly and yearly per-seat pricing plans are available.

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