QuorumLabs Offers Drag-and-Drop File-Level Restore, E-mail Recovery

Company expands solution to include shared file and e-mail restoration.

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QuorumLabs, a backup, recovery, and continuity specialist for SMEs, is now shipping version 3.2SP1 of its QuorumLabs disaster recovery solution, featuring Windows Share Restore for the point-in-time recovery of shared network files in a familiar Windows folder interface, as well as the ability to restore e-mail in minutes from a Microsoft Exchange mail store or data from a SharePoint database.

According to Steve Bagby, vice president of engineering at QuorumLabs, “The latest version of the QuorumLabs’ solution cuts the recovery time objective (RTO) for files and e-mail down to minutes. Instead of wasting time backing up individual e-mails in addition to the entire datastore, which takes twice as long, administrators can simply back up the datastore and use our solution to drag and drop files and e-mails back to their local machines, restoring systems in minutes.”

Through Windows Share Restore, IT administrators can restore network files, as well as e-mail messages and mailboxes, by clicking and dragging recovered files directly from the server archive repository onto their desktops. An addition to the existing QuorumLabs File Level Restore Method, Windows Share Restore enables IT administrators to mount the QuorumLabs solution from their PC like any file server, browsing and retrieving files directly from their QuorumLabs appliance or Archive Vault repository by mapping a share onto a Windows machine. Each snapshot back in time shows up as a directory, which users can browse to find any file they wish to restore. The format is easy enough to use that any user who knows how to map a drive can restore their own files.

The solution takes a snapshot of servers, sends data to the repository, and reconstitutes every node inside a simple, all-in-one appliance or hybrid cloud solution. Businesses gain the advantages of a virtualized data center without the cost and complexity. QuorumLabs is the only system that both automates the disaster recovery process and, should systems fail, enables users to instantly recover lost systems and applications with the single click of a button. QuorumLabs now protects thousands of servers around the world, and that number continues to grow.

Additional New Features

The QuorumLabs disaster recovery solution maintains up-to-date, ready-to-run virtual machine clones of critical systems that can run right on the onsite appliance or hybrid cloud solution. The system continuously builds new recovery nodes, performing incremental backups and automatically testing backup systems at user-set frequencies. As a result, when system downtime hits, failed servers only take minutes to get up and running again. QuorumLabs’ new release adds to the feature set with:

  • E-mail message and mailbox restore: With this tool, administrators can restore e-mail messages and mailboxes using any tool that can parse the Microsoft Exchange database. QuorumLabs will offer the Kroll Ontrack e-mail recovery system without extra charge to existing customers.

  • Auto download and upgrade: The solution will automatically scan and retrieve any available upgrade packages, upgrading the appliance as well as all protected nodes. Future revisions of the software will be automatically downloaded. Customers ordering new appliances will also benefit from the new installer, which accelerates the acquisition and deployment process by enabling installation and configuration of the appliance after it is received. Pre-configuring the appliance, as well as setting IP addresses and storage allotment size, is done after the customer has received the system.

More information is available at www.quorumlabs.com.

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