Compuware’s New Cloud Service Compares Web Site Performance

SpeedoftheWeb online service lets businesses compare the speed of their site to most-trafficked sites.

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Compuware Corporation has released, a new, free online cloud service that helps Web application and site owners increase the speed of their most important Web properties by comparing the speed of their Web site’s performance against leading competitor sites.

As modern application delivery continues to add complexity at the edge of the Internet, speed is one of the most important factors for improving end-user experience on the Web. Studies have shown that improving Web site performance can lead to increased revenues and reduced operating costs.

SpeedoftheWeb provides a series of industry-relevant indexes with categorized collections of 1,000 of the world’s most trafficked Web sites -- as ranked by Alexa and Compuware Gomez benchmarks. Some of the industry indexes include finance, health care, travel, retail, media, and sports. Web owners can easily compare themselves against these rankings, and provide their Web application and Web site development teams with detailed performance data and recommendations on how to speed up Web site performance.

SpeedoftheWeb offers 15 key performance indicators (Web performance optimization KPIs), in-line expert recommendations, and immediate action paths to easily improve Web performance. Compuware dynaTrace’s dynamic cloud-based architecture and PurePath Technology provide the deep Web 2.0 details behind the metrics.

To use the SpeedoftheWeb, the user submits the Web site URLs they want tested. The service then produces a simple to read, speed optimization report that provides actionable insight into performance that includes:

  • a high-level report with easy to read charts for business owners and IT that compares site’s performance to best-in-class

  • results of the top three sites, plus the organizations own results for each of the 15 metrics

  • an in-depth “session” file that can be shared with an organization’s development team that provides a deep code-level analysis of how their site actually works and the ability to drill down to root-cause in minutes

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