Avatier Introduces Group Management Solution

Group Requester provides self-service request system for easier maintenance and control of groups and distribution lists.

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Avatier Corp., an identity and access risk management solutions provider, has added Group Requester to its Identity and Access Risk Management (ARM) suite. The group management solution puts group management into the hands of those who oversee and participate in groups, lowering risks associated with group membership management as well as group sprawl. Group Requester lightens the load of IT and help desk personnel so they can focus on other issues.

Managing groups is a critical yet time-consuming task that is often overlooked or given low priority. Avatier addresses the problem with Group Requester, a self-service request system that reassigns group management tasks to the business users themselves. Group Requester addresses all group and distribution list issues, including group member additions and group deletions. Furthermore, accountability is shifted to those who know which people should have access to which groups, dramatically improving security and protecting an organization's resources.

Group Requester's key self-service features and functionality allows users to:

  • Add groups: Group Requester enables anyone in an organization to request membership to a group. Groups can be added to an organization's system without impeding IT; self-service requests are established for anyone to create groups and e-mail distribution lists.

  • Establish ownership: With Group Requester, users can set primary and secondary owners and make business owners responsible for group renewals and management. This effectively limits risk.

  • Control group creation: The Group Governor feature prevents group requests from users in the wrong department or location by leveraging attribute-based permissions, helping to eliminate mistakes before they're made.

  • Prevent redundant groups: The Redundancy Blocker feature enables a user to create groups and request group memberships and prevents groups with similar names or memberships from being created. This reduces confusion, helps enforce group naming conventions, and reduces redundant group memberships.

  • Request membership changes: Users can modify groups in any way by requesting additional group members or removal of group members, requesting new group owners, or requesting a new name for the group or description.

  • Auto-delete groups on expiration: The Group Expiration feature prevents groups from extending beyond their purpose by automatically notifying the group owner before erasing groups and by deleting them when they reach end-of-life.

  • Delete groups: This feature redefines group life-cycle management by enabling an enterprise to request the deletion of a group from their network and applications, giving the business owner full control over their group membership management.

Group Requester is priced beginning at $10 per user. For more information is available at www.avatiercorp.com.

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