Assurance, AIC Launch Guardian Storage Server Line

Servers are based on AIC’s SB301-TO, next-generation Intel Xeon E5-2600 processor family.

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Customers of Assurance Storage and AIC are now able to experience the latest in technology from Intel. AIC and Assurance Storage have introduced storage servers that use the Intel Xeon E5-2600 processor family and are equipped with the latest Intel Xeon E5-2600 multi-core processors that support hardware acceleration for RAID and software optimizations utilizing the new CPU instructions.

The new chips deliver enhanced instruction sets that have allowed Assurance and AIC to deliver top performance without the need for special-purpose hardware acceleration cards. This change delivers strong performance and frees the PCIe slots for additional uses, such as additional solid state PCIe cards.

The servers are built on the AIC SB301-TO chassis that delivers up to 16 cores from a single or dual-socket Intel E5-2600 processor. Total bandwidth has been increased with the addition of a fourth channel, and there is now support for DDR3 1600 MHz memory and up to 384GB. These chips now include embedded PCIe functionality, greatly reducing latency and increasing throughput. These processors and chipsets also consume less power and generate less heat, providing additional savings to data center operators.

Assurance Storage has updated their software stack to deliver RAID support utilizing the newly available instructions in the Xeon E5 processors. The Assurance software provides a unified storage solution, together with exploiting on-board SSD and PCIe Flash storage for acceleration of database and data warehouse processing, whilst also minimizing RAID rebuild interruptions and reducing support costs.

Assurance is delivering these systems to VAR partners for evaluation and customer deployment. More information is available at

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