SafeNet’s New ProtectV Provides Data Control, Visibility, and Governance for VMware and AWS Hosted VMs

ProtectV provides a data encryption solution for virtualized and cloud environments.

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Efficiency, automation, and availability are some of the key benefits of cloud computing. However, many organizations may not be able to take advantage of these benefits because of concerns with regulatory compliance and security risks (such as provider access to tenant data).

As more data moves to private or public clouds, the number of super-users with access to an organization’s data multiplies, the risk of VMs being copied without the owner knowing increases, the possibility of temporary file trails rises, and the organization’s data is more vulnerable to being compromised. To address the data security issues and deliver control and governance of data in the cloud, SafeNet, a global leader in data protection introduces ProtectV, an encryption solution that has achieved VMware Ready status.

ProtectV enables virtual machines and storage volumes to be as secure as physical servers and storage in robust, secure on-premise environments. Customers can reap the full benefits of agility and cost savings by turning their virtual datacenter or cloud into a trusted environment with data governance, control and security.

SafeNet ProtectV is compatible with VMware vShield and VMware vCenter. In addition, SafeNet ProtectV can be used by Amazon Web Services customers to secure their critical data in the cloud.

ProtectV delivers:

Complete VM security and data isolation: SafeNet ProtectV provides granular, full-VM encryption, pre-launch authentication, and an on-premise hardware root of trust, delivering comprehensive protection throughout the information life cycle. ProtectV lets you run your systems as if they were part of your own private data center, even in co-mingled or multi-tenant environments. Security teams are now able to properly isolate sensitive assets and maintain ownership of their data throughout its life cycle.

Protection from rogue admins: All VMs and associated storage volumes are encrypted, from the VM instances, snapshots, and backups, across locations and disaster recovery sites. Super user admins, who may have control of the virtualization infrastructure, cannot access the encrypted VMs.

Enforced compliance: ProtectV provides undisputed control and proof of data governance through audit logs. ProtectV enables organizations to enforce the proper controls, present a trusted audit control regardless of where the data is hosted or stored, and sustain compliance with regulations, including PCI DSS, HIPAA and HITECH.

Data governance and visibility: ProtectV affords cloud security visibility through a centralized policy enforcement and audit point. SafeNet provides a trusted, high-assurance key management environment, delivering undisputed ownership of data and keys. As a result, organizations and their compliance auditors are assured complete control of their keys to their data and ownership with the complete logs for the necessary visibility.

Cross-platform key management: Even the best encryption is meaningless without proper key management. As part of SafeNet’s data protection portfolio, SafeNet ProtectV integrates with SafeNet’s Enterprise Key Management solution, KeySecure. KeySecure enables security teams to centrally and uniformly manage cryptographic keys across a wide variety of their organization’s encryption platforms, streamlining key and policy administration.

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