BIA Adds Enterprise Connectivity Feature to

Connects with Active Directory, enterprise personnel directory systems for faster, easier legal holds and data collections.

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Business Intelligence Associates, Inc. (BIA), am eDiscovery software and services solutions vendor, today released an enterprise connectivity feature for, its cloud-based SaaS eDiscovery solution. Enterprises can now connect enterprise systems to TotalDiscovery so users can quickly and easily add employees to matters by searching on name, title, job function, department, location, and more.

Searches can be based on partial information -- enter just an employee’s department, location, or even part of a title and TotalDiscovery will search for those characteristics, and present a list of employees within the same intuitive TotalDiscovery user interface clients are already familiar with.

With minimal initial setup and configuration, and no hardware to purchase, TotalDiscovery offers a cloud-based, SaaS eDiscovery solution that presents organizations with a unified solution solving their legal hold, data collection and early case assessment needs and integrates with existing enterprise systems.

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