Tufin’s New SecureApp Firewall Policy Manager Takes Application-Oriented Approach

SecureApp lets enterprises manage firewall policies by applications.

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Tufin Technologies has released SecureApp, a new solution that addresses what firewall administrators cite as among their biggest challenges: managing the network connectivity of enterprise applications.

In a survey conducted this month among over 100 network security professionals, 9 out of 10 organizations say that the most common reason for a firewall change request is related to application connectivity. Almost one-third said they believed a rule change related to a new application may have caused a breach, and 31 percent deploy a new application each week. Despite the sophisticated automation offered by existing firewall management solutions, managing application connectivity has remained a manual and error-prone process.

An integral part of the Tufin Security Suite, Tufin SecureApp provides a central repository for application connectivity data and presents it in a way that network administrators and application owners can easily and strategically leverage to deploy, modify, de-commission, monitor up-time, and troubleshoot application connectivity issues.

SecureApp enables application teams and network teams to communicate accurately, eliminating the misunderstandings that lead to errors, wasted time, and unnecessary security and compliance exposure. It improves IT processes by abstracting application connectivity data from the network security policy, putting it in the context of the organization’s business requirements rather than forcing administrators to manually extract it from the rule base where it is dispersed across numerous firewalls, routers and potentially thousands of rules.

The major components of SecureApp include:

  • Visual application connectivity editor: An intuitive interface for defining and documenting an application’s network connectivity requirements at the level of network source, service and destination. No understanding of the network firewalls or routing is required.

  • Application deployment: Create SecureChange tickets with a change request for implementing the required application-related change requests on the network security infrastructure.

  • Application decommissioning: Automatically identify the policy rules that need to be changed or removed across all affected firewalls and routers, eliminating unneeded access that can lead to a breach or a compliance violation.

  • Connectivity status monitoring: View the status of every application connectivity requirement based on real-time analysis of security policies, coupled with network topology path analysis.

  • Central application and server repository: A central library of all enterprise applications with drill-down capability into individual users, servers, and connectivity needs.

  • Application life cycle management: Manage all of your applications’ network requirements from initial deployment through maintenance and decommissioning.

  • Application audit trail: Maintain a history of all changes to application connectivity including tickets and firewall rules/ACLs.

SecureApp is available immediately. Pricing is contingent on SecureTrack and SecureChange licensing, with base list price starting at $45K for up to 10 managed applications. Additional information is available at www.tufin.com.

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