DxConsole Update Features Automated Load Balancer for MS SQL Server

New DxSRM software module simplifies, improves applications management across physical, virtual, cloud environments.

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DH2i Company, a hypervisor-free application virtualization solutions provider, has relased DxConsole 2012R2 featuring the DxSRM automated instance-level load balancer.

The new software module, available for Microsoft SQL Server environments, enables systems/storage, application, and database administrators to simplify and improve applications management across physical, virtual, and cloud computing environments. The result is enhanced performance, productivity, resource utilization (server and storage) and quality of service (QoS), as well as significant cost savings (typically over 50 percent).

Enhancements in this release include:

  • Increased performance: DxSRM enables users to achieve higher performance for SQL Server instances by enabling the processing power of the servers to be intelligently leveraged. SQL Server instances are automatically and seamlessly redirected to servers with the lightest workloads and thus capable of providing the fastest performance.

  • Added pntelligence: DxSRM adds instance-level management intelligence to SQL Server. Policies can be pre-set for each instance (e.g., memory, CPU, I/O usage, or network bandwidth), allowing instances to move automatically to support business objectives.

  • Increased flexibility and scalability: DxSRM enables SQL Server instances to be load-balanced quickly and transparently to onsite or remote resources (i.e., cloud) for virtually unlimited flexibility and scalability. This also enables onsite resources to be fully optimized and capital expenditures to be deferred.

Since its launch, DH2i’s DxConsole has been helping customers to eliminate Microsoft SQL Server sprawl and its inevitable consequences. Today, with the introduction of DxSRM, DH2i enhances SQL Server management with added performance and intelligence capabilities.

With DxSRM, customers can now set performance policies for each instance and server, utilizing metrics such as memory, CPU, I/O usage, or network bandwidth. DxSRM will automatically monitor and move instances to meet the pre-set performance thresholds. Moreover, unique response policies can be set allowing for alerts that range from a simple advisory (with details about a change made) to a change-request message requiring a response before any action is taken.

DH2i DxConsole 2012R2 featuring DxSRM is now generally available and priced at $10,000 per CPU license. To estimate the potential cost savings that could be appreciated from DxConsole, based on unique IT environment characteristics, please refer to DH2i’s online ROI calculator.

For further information, visit www.dh2i.com.

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