Route1 Extends Secure, Remote Access Solution to Mac OS X Users

Pocket-sized device protects Mac, Windows users from vulnerabilities; leaves no data footprint on remote systems.

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Route1 Inc., a security and identity management solutions provider, has released the MobiKEY Classic2 (MC2) to provide Mac OS X users with secure, remote access and identity management.

The MC2 is a smartcard-enabled USB device that allows subscribers to remotely access their office computer, network, and other digital resources. The device adds Mac OS X support to its previous Windows support and does not require any pre-installed software to work on a guest computer or other remote device.

The slim, pocket-sized device protects both MAC OS X and Windows users from malware, man-in-the-middle attacks, viruses, or other breaches. The solution is more secure than a VPN or password protection because it employs an identity-based access system that lets employees work from anywhere at any time without compromising electronic security.

Users leave no data footprint on the remote computer, so they mitigate any risk of cyber attack or potential security breach. The MC2 uses the same data protection technology utilized by the U.S. Departments of Defense and Homeland Security.

True, multi-factor authentication provides an easy-to-use method to authorize users. The MC2 utilizes a communications and service delivery platform that is based on FIPS-140-2 cryptographic modules and simplifies the process of meeting stringent regulatory requirements for privacy and security. Accordingly, the MC2 is the “something you have” while the password or pin, which is verified against both the smartcard and the communications service delivery platform, is the “something you know.”

If the MC2 is lost or stolen, enterprise networks cannot be compromised as no data is stored, downloaded, or saved on the MobiKEY. Data stays within your network’s perimeter and firewall, and No network changes or reconfiguration are required.

“The MC2 is unlike other portable devices, such as encrypted USB memory sticks, tablets, or laptops, which can be used to store sensitive enterprise data and can easily put organizations at risk. Without exception, the MC2 stands alone as the sole product on the market supporting both Mac OS X and Windows users,” notes Route1’s CEO, Tony Busseri.

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