Corero’s First Line of Defense Protects against DDoS, Malicious Server Targeted Attacks

New IT infrastructure perimeter solution protects where firewalls cannot.

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Corero Network Security, a provider of network and application layer DDoS defense products, has announced its First Line of Defense solution, which blocks L3-L7 DDoS and advanced targeted server attacks.

Cyber criminals/terrorists have reached a level of complexity that firewall technology cannot protect against. Although firewalls are designed to, and still do, protect networks from a variety of security issues, there are gaping holes when it comes to DDoS and malicious server targeted attacks. With attacks on the rise, such as the recent Denial of Service attacks against major U.S. financial services institutions, Corero has created a solution that works in tandem with existing firewalls to increase all around network security.

The new approach places an on-premise network device in front of the firewall to eliminate attacks that degrade or disable the current IT infrastructure and security solutions before they reach the corporate network. This eliminates costly downtime and unsatisfactory online consumer experiences. Corero has essentially expanded the IT infrastructure perimeter to plug up the holes of the firewall and create a true first line of defense.

The Corero First Line of Defense eradicates DDoS and server-targeted malicious attack activity by filtering and removing attack traffic before it hits the network. As a result, legitimate customer traffic is not slowed down or blocked. This allows the entire IT infrastructure to operate more efficiently, optimizing the performance of security devices, network applications, and servers, and ensures business continuity.

“Organizations are experiencing a false sense of security in thinking that their firewalls are protecting them from all potential threats,” said Marty Meyer, CEO of Corero. “Our First Line of Defense solution compliments the firewall by removing all of the broad-based attack traffic that they were not designed to deal with.”

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