Icenium Streamlines, Simplifies Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Eliminates mobile SDK so Web Developers can leverage existing skills to build hybrid apps via a Web browser.

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Telerik has released Icenium, an integrated cloud environment (ICE) that reinvents cross-platform mobile development. Icenium combines the power and flexibility of the cloud with the convenience of a local development environment, simplifying developers’ ability to write code seamlessly with high productivity. With Icenium, developers are no longer tethered to a place, nor are they beholden to a single platform -- they are instead free to code on Mac OS X or Windows and target iOS or Android. Telerik is advancing mobile app development with an alternative that replaces the outmoded IDE approach and offers developers advanced tools and a modern coding environment.

As the number and variety of platforms and mobile devices continues to grow exponentially, developers are saddled with managing multiple development environments. With Icenium, there is no need to download, configure, and manage a myriad of SDKs, compilers, software packages, and tools. By exposing SDKs through a cloud service, Icenium has decoupled the coding environment from the platform dependencies, enabling developers to focus on app development and innovation instead of managing cumbersome, platform-specific development environments.

Icenium enables developers to use their existing HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript skills to create and deploy hybrid applications that run natively on Apple iOS and Google Android mobile platforms. They can also easily leverage device APIs, including those for camera, accelerometer, and geolocation with integrated support for Apache Cordova.

Helping Mobile Developers Get More Done Faster, Easier

Icenium’s approach to mobile app development combines tools for coding, simulating, debugging, and deployment to devices and publishing apps; it also leverages cloud-based services. Other frameworks require the setup and configuration of different development environments for each platform; Icenium requires no SDKs, making it easy to be up and running in minutes because it only requires a Web browser. Developers can now build iOS apps without owning xCode or a Mac; Android apps can be built without Eclipse or the Android SDK.

A subscription provides developers with the complete toolset comprised of Icenium Graphite, an installed version for PCs, and Icenium Mist, the browser-based version. The toolset delivers all of the modern capabilities that developers expect: syntax coloring and formatting, real-time error detection, refactoring, code navigation, and integrated version control. Icenium even helps developers cross the finish line with streamlined app publishing assistance and support, replacing the hassles associated with publishing apps to the App Store or Google Play.

Capabilities available within the Icenium environment include:

  • Apache Cordova enables developers to leverage their existing skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build hybrid applications that run on multiple mobile device platforms

  • Icenium LiveSync allows developers to review changes made in real time across all connected devices without wasting time recompiling for every change and for each device.

  • Icenium Device Simulator enables developers to preview how apps will look and behave across multiple device platforms and form factors

  • Icenium Ion makes deploying and testing apps on any Apple iOS device easy by eliminating the need for provisioning -- simply scan the project QR code and in seconds the app is installed and running

  • Kendo UI Mobile Integration -- a complete solution for web and mobile development -- lets developers leverage its unique adaptive rendering to target multiple phone and tablet platforms with a single UI codebase

Pricing and Availability

As a special introductory offer, Icenium is now available for download for free through May 1, 2013 here. An Icenium subscription includes Icenium Mist and access to Icenium Graphite. Both Graphite and Mist can work individually or in tandem to provide a modern productivity tooling and portability environment with the flexibility for the developer to work as they see fit. For additional information about Icenium, visit

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