Porticor’s Updated Security System Provides Full Trust, Confidentiality of Cloud Data

Homomorphic key encryption technology keeps master encryption keys fully encrypted and secured even while being used to access cloud data.

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Porticor, a cloud data security company delivering a cloud-based data encryption solution that infuses trust into the cloud and keeps cloud data confidential, has updates its Porticor Virtual Private Data (Porticor VPD) system.

Porticor’s VPD system fully protects data stored in public, private, and hybrid clouds and delivers trust in the security of these environments. With the new release, Porticor solves the remaining obstacle to trust in the cloud -- protecting the encryption keys of data while they are being used.

With a lack of trust in the cloud, organizations are inhibited from fully leveraging the business benefits the cloud has to offer. Traditional cloud security solutions put customers’ encryption keys in the possession of the security vendor or cloud provider and fail to fully protect cloud data and its encryption keys while stored and in use. Now, organizations can benefit from the latest in cloud encryption technology from Porticor to leverage the benefits of the cloud, all with full confidence that their data will remain confidential while maintaining compliance and the highest levels of cloud security.

“Potential cloud users worry about two things about information protection in the cloud – protecting it from other tenants and protecting it from the cloud provider,” said Neil MacDonald, VP and Gartner Fellow. “Encryption is one protection option; however, when the encryption keys are used, data is at risk at that point. A solution that works completely in the cloud, yet is able to keep the keys protected in memory would help reduce the scope of a possible breach entry point.”

Porticor’s Virtual Key Management service with split-key encryption technology keeps encryption keys in customer’s control, delivering a trusted cloud-based key management system for cloud data at rest. Now with homomorphic key encryption technology added, Porticor keeps the master encryption keys fully encrypted and secured even while being used to access cloud data. Thanks to the commercial application of homomorphic encryption technology, organizations can now fully trust that their cloud data is secure and cannot be compromised while stored or being accessed.

Unlike traditional data encryption solutions, which are complicated and expensive to deploy and manage, and do not resolve the issue of full security and trust in the cloud, Porticor’s split-key management system is a cloud data protection service that delivers true trust to the cloud by ensuring customer encryption keys are never exposed. Porticor’s cloud data protection system delivers data security across virtual disks, databases, distributed storage, and file systems. Furthermore, Porticor’s new homomorphic key-encryption approach is open to rigorous mathematical proof and cryptographic analysis under explicit and well-defined mathematical assumptions. Dr. Alon Rosen, a cryptography expert from the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center, has independently completed a rigorous analysis, and proves the Porticor system is secure. For more information on Dr. Rosen’s findings and for a free copy of his analysis and report, see www.porticor.com/hkm-analysis.

The new release of Porticor VPD is available directly from Porticor at www.porticor.com/pricing-plans/. VPD is deployed in the cloud and managed from Porticor’s customer portal. Pricing starts at $65 per month per Porticor Virtual Appliance.

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