FairCom’s Updated c-treeACE Bridges SQL, NoSQL

Developers can map non-relational data as relational (SQL) without modifying the data.

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FairCom has released the 10th major edition of its cross-platform database technology, c-treeACE V10. The update that introduces Relational Multi-Record Type support for seamless integration between relational and non-relational databases.

C-treeACE V10 delivers features such as new Java interfaces, performance and scalability enhancements, additional platform support, and new replication models, as well as performance gains for faster transaction throughput, faster SQL performance, better replication throughput, and faster read performance.

“The database market is growing substantially, yet there are many problems plaguing developers today: large data volumes; requirements to reduce data access time; data access requirements from a myriad of new locations, like mobile devices and the cloud; trickier integration; and decreasing budgets,” said Randal Hoff, FairCom’s vice president of engineering.

“Engineers tell us they really need technology that enables them to work seamlessly within both the relational and non-relational worlds. In the past, they’ve felt forced to choose one or the other, when, in fact, they realize concrete benefits from both. Our newest c-treeACE gives them the flexibility to enjoy the best of both worlds: high performance data throughput levels that a NoSQL database can provide and concurrent relational access for ease of data sharing with other parts of the enterprise, including cloud and mobile devices, all at a reasonable price point.”

For more than 30 years, FairCom has provided a unique model to enterprise database developers and ISVs not available from off-the-shelf databases. Its c-treeACE offers tailored configuration and control while supporting a variety of non-relational APIs (e.g., ISAM, .NET, and JTDB) as well as industry-standard relational APIs (including SQL, JDBC, ODBC, PHP, and Python) within the same application over the same data.

Relational Multi-Record Type Support maps non-relational, proprietary data records into relational formats, opening these unique file formats to industry-standard SQL without the need to change existing data. This allows for the mapping of non-relational data into relational models “on-the-fly” while preserving the existing code, thus improving performance while minimizing the risk of a full-blown data migration.

Other standout features are new Java-based GUI administration tools and a new record-oriented Java interface that provides native Java implementation on top of an ISAM API (this has shown performance gains over typical functionality that has been coded using JDBC). This level of NoSQL Java support results in greater programmer control and thereby greater throughput.

Additional c-treeACE V10 features include:

  • Data filter stacks: Users "stack" data record filters over the same data file for precise data access at runtime

  • Thread impersonate: Users “toggle” between SQL and ISAM code within applications.

  • Data compression: Developers choose industry-standard compression algorithms, or use their own compression technology, for controlling the precise balance between performance and size of data

  • Automatic recovery enhancements: Users may redirect files during automatic recovery; expanded recovery logging

  • Replication enhancements: A flexible set of facilities for data replication among servers and clients

FairCom supports major hardware platforms and operating systems ranging from Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X to IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris. New with V10 is formal support for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion), Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Windows Server 2012, and the latest compiler suites such as Microsoft Visual C 2012 (Visual Studio) and Embarcadero XE2 and XE3. Additionally, c-treeACE V10 supports more than 20 APIs/languages, provides a low total cost of ownership (TCO), has minimal hardware requirements, and imposes little to no DBA overhead.

FairCom c-treeACE V10 is available now. Pricing is based on customer requirements, including the number of users, CPUs, and server type. More information is available at www.faircom.com.

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