Tool Upgraded for Splunk Integration with Mainframes and iSeries (AS/400) Servers

EView Technology, which specializes in integrating IBM mainframe and iSeries (AS/400) server environments with IT management and discovery platforms, has enhanced its support for Splunk.

The Splunk platform powers operational intelligence initiatives, specifically to "make machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone."

EView recently announced an upgrade to its EView Insight for Splunk tool to improve its functionality in mainframe and midrange iSeries (AS/400) server integrations.

"EView Insight for Splunk has extended its broad capabilities to now include additional SMF [IBM System Management Facility] records and enhanced the EView Custom Message Interface (EVCMI), which makes it easy to extend applications, batch jobs and installation automation rules to send customer messages to Splunk," EView said in a recent news release.

The upgrade increases the ability for the EView technology to gather, report, and analyze data from mainframes.

"With EView and Splunk working in tandem, enterprises have an end-to-end enterprise view of their IT infrastructure to include the IBM mainframe (EView/390z) and iSeries-AS/400 (EView/400i) environment data," EView said.

The company said its solution makes it easier to control all operational data through one simple interface while achieving better security, compliance, and log analysis functionality via integration and automated processes.

"As a proud Splunk Development Partner we are truly excited to announce both the availability of the EVCMI and the addition of even more information-rich SMF record capabilities included into our EView Insight for IBM mainframe solution," said EView exec Chip Sutton. "Throughout our history, EView Technology expertise and focus is on providing solutions which integrate the IBM Mainframe and iSeries (AS/400) environments into the leading IT platforms. For large enterprises, mainframes and the iSeries (AS/400) represent some of the richest and most important log data available, as they host the most mission-critical applications. By leveraging our EView Intelligent Agent technology to seamlessly integrate into the industry leading IT Operational Intelligence platform, Splunk -- we truly now have the capability to provide our customers business insights that previously were not possible."

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