Blockchain-Based Wallet Offered to Mobile App Developers

Blockchain development specialist ArcBlock announced ABT Wallet and an upcoming SDK, designed to let mobile app developers easily use decentralized identity functionality.

Blockchain technology, most often associated with cryptocurrency use cases, is increasingly being put to use in mobile development, as ADTmag detailed earlier this year.

ArcBlock last week announced the new wallet, based on the company's ABT Network ("continuous blockchain network known as a “blockchain superhighway") and Forge Blockchain Application Framework (helping developers leverage the ABT in languages such as Python, Java and JavaScript).

Using those tools, developers can now add the ability for any application or service to leverage decentralized identity functionality in just a few steps, the company said.

The Forge Blockchain Application Framework and Forge SDKs will soon be expanded with a new Wallet SDK, "expanding what is possible for developers by releasing their open-sourced DID protocol allowing developers and businesses to build their own wallets and services easily."

In the meantime, ABT Wallet can be downloaded for iOS and Android OSes.

"Unlike previous company’s attempts to create a privacy-focused wallet, ABT Wallet is the first decentralized wallet that is fully integrated into their blockchain network allowing users to use any service, app, or offering instantly on the network making it easy to use and easy to adapt into any application or service," the company said.

Users can use the wallet on their mobile devices to: access Web sites, apps, education services; receive certificates; sign documents; and more, the company said.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.

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