Open Source Microwallet Toolkit Debuts for Web3 dAPIs

Earlier this week, The New Computer Corporation (NCC) announced Inkey, a new set of tools for launching and running decentralized application program services (dAPIs) for Web3-focused interactions. 

Built for the Alagorand blockchain, inkey is an "open source, easily embeddable transaction processor," a.k.a. a microwallet, designed to "simplify the dApp onboarding process" by offering a suite of tools that the company says can "turn any app into a dApp, bringing existing audiences into web3."

With inkey, developers can add the ability to authenticate users, sign transactions and customize the appearance of the interactions. The NCC says that new features will be added soon. 

"Opening a wallet should not be an intimidating prospect,” the company said in its press release announcing the launch. "Inkey introduces an intuitive and smooth process that takes 30 seconds or less."

Aside from Inkey, NCC also offers the following of interest to Web3 developers:

  • STOI, a tool for tokenizing micro-DAO (m-DAO) ownership and revenue distribution automation. 
  • Algonaut.js, a Web3 library for developers. 
  • Bricks (in private beta), an exchange protocol/a token standard and exchange protocol for smart contracts in media streams.
  • Project:Rodeo (in private beta), an "on-chain project management tool."

For more information on NCC and its offerings, click here.

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