Q&A: What You Need to Know About Green IT

What's hype and what's fact, how you can judge green savings, and how industries and government are getting involved in green IT.

Q&A: Server Virtualization for Aggregation

Server virtualization is not new to IT, but what if you could use the technology to combine several servers into one virtual server?

Intel's Nehalem-EX to Inaugurate a New Era in x86 Scalability

With new processor, x86 systems are poised to make a serious run at RISC-Unix

Big Blue Makes Its Bid for Next-Gen Nehalem Bragging Rights

IBM beat competitors HP and Dell out of the gate, trumpeting a trio of new Nehalem-EX systems running on the fifth generation of its eXA architecture.

Commodity Iron on Top

Though mainframe sales may be down, commodity server sales are strong.

The Employee Factor of Continuity Planning: Four Reasons It Matters to IT Executives

Four reasons IT executives charged with business continuity planning, risk management, and disaster recovery must consider their employees and operations heavily in their plans.

POWER7 Makes a Splash

The recent POWER7 launch hints at what Big Iron aficionados can expect from System z11, particularly about performance and energy efficiency.

With Sun Deal Behind It, Oracle Goes Retro

Oracle's post-Sun announcements harkened back to the heyday of single-stack computing: the IBM Corp. of the 1960s.

Oracle Outlines Sun Integration Plan

With its acquisition of Sun Microsystems completed, Oracle Corp. on Wednesday laid out its plans for integrating Sun's software and hardware systems into its own product lineup.

Best Practices for Mission-Critical Hardware Support

A two-part approach can help IT comply with SLAs to satisfy end users.

Watching Big Iron: A Rosier Outlook for 2010

Mainframe and high-end server fortunes took a beating in 2009. An industry veteran says 2010 is shaping up to be an improvement.

Top 10 Server Trends for 2010

Understanding these ten server trends can help CIOs succeed despite an unsteady economy.

Big Blue Serves up Linux-Only Big-Iron Gift

Late last year, IBM gave Linux-on-System z boosters a big gift: a new Linux-only System z Solution Edition, priced at just $212,000.

Five IT Focal Points for 2010

What should IT focus on this year? Some key issues from 2009 remain, but several new areas will need IT's attention.

Trends and Predictions from Big Blue

IBM managers look at key events and company strategy from 2009 and explain what it means for customers in 2010.

Saying Goodbye to a Turbulent 2009

From the Sun/Oracle acquisition to radical changes in the server market, it's been a topsy-turvy year in IT. We take a look at the highlights.

Unix Server Sales Tumble

Experts report the Unix market is slipping by between one-fifth and one-quarter in Q3 -- at a time when other server segments seem to be stabilizing.

5 Steps to a More Secure Data Center

In the age of virtualization and cloud computing, administrators need a holistic approach.

Data Center Consolidation: Security Considerations and Best Practices

IT must balance the need for reducing costs while keeping data secure, meeting compliance requirements, and improving services to business users.

The Green and Virtual Data Center

Green IT is no fad. Paying attention to how resources are used to deliver information services in an energy-efficient, environmentally, and economically-friendly manner to boost efficiency and productivity is here to stay.