Microsoft's Focus on Containers Shrinks Nano Server Scope

A new Nano Server configuration will shrink its image footprint by 50 percent and remove its infrastructure role as Microsoft focuses on a headless configuration option for deployment of container-based environments.

VMware Offering Desktop-as-a-Service Infrastructure on Microsoft Azure Cloud

After partnering with the Amazon cloud last year, VMware has entered into a deal with Microsoft to deliver virtualized desktops and apps on the Azure public cloud.

Firm's Research Reveals 82 Percent of Public Cloud Databases Unencrypted

Research from RedLock Inc. reveals numerous security problems in public cloud environments, finding 82 percent of hosted databases remain unencrypted, among other multiple issues.

Telstra Offers 'Network-as-a-Service' Based on SDN and NFV

In order to provide a next-generation, programmable "network-as-a-service," Telstra is using modern approaches -- increasingly making their way into the enterprise -- such as software-defined networking and network functions virtualization.

Dell Revamps PowerEdge Servers

Dell has updated its lineup to handle the changing model of computing that can have files, storage, networking and compute anywhere.

At Build Conference, Microsoft Outlines 'Intelligent Cloud' Focus

Microsoft signaled an evolution of its signature message of "mobile-first, cloud-first," which is changing into a message of "an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge," thanks partly to the company's growing confidence in its developer tools and services.

Report: 'Vast Majority' of Enterprise Workloads Still On-Premises

Despite the much-publicized migration of enterprise datacenter infrastructure to cloud platforms, a new report from Uptime Institute indicates most workloads are still running on-premises.

Open Source Supply Chain Spec Released

The Linux Foundation has released a new specification for managing compliance in enterprise supply chains that leverage open source software.

Microsoft Previews Newly Named SQL Server 2017

Microsoft yesterday gave the next edition of its flagship SQL Server RDBMS an official name and announced a new preview of the upcoming offering.

Microsoft Will Enhance Windows Server 2016 Remote Management

Microsoft said it's working on a new remote management option for Windows Server 2016 users that will let them remotely manage the Server Core option of Windows Server 2016 without having to make a difficult deployment choice

For Software-Defined Networking, Vodafone Picks Nuage Networks in Datacenter Transformation

Nuage Networks will lend its SDN expertise to Vodafone's "Project Ocean" cloud-centric initiative to virtualize and link its datacenter networks.

Facebook To Refresh Servers, Give Specs to Open Compute Project

Facebook will refresh its entire server hardware fleet, providing design specifications to the Open Compute Project Foundation.

Windows Server 2012 Support Extended by Microsoft

New end-of-support dates extend the life of the server OS by about nine months.

IBM Will Bring Quantum Computing to the Enterprise

Envisioning an entirely new enterprise computing paradigm, IBM this week said it's furthering its efforts to build commercially viable quantum computers, promising new systems to come over the next several years.