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Secure and Manage Employee Mobile Devices in Three Steps

A new BYOD Policy Implementation Guide has been released by Absolute Software. The no-nonsense, free of fluff, 6-page guide gives you the basics -- it’s what you need to know to “efficiently incorporate employee-owned devices into your deployment while securing and protecting corporate infrastructure and data.”

It discusses IT requirements in terms of devices and form factors, examines briefly such issues security, manageability, network accessibility, and provisioning. The guide explains how to balance respect for privacy with network security, and gives you a list of elements to include in your BOYD policy, from accountability and responsibilities to how devices will be used. It raises the legal considerations you’ll have to address, and suggests the criteria to use when designing your policy roll-out.

The guide, in PDF format, is available for free; no registration is required. Download it here.

-- James E. Powell
Editorial Director, ESJ

Posted by Jim Powell on 05/21/2012

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