Response Networks Creates Board to Direct VeriServ

Response Networks, Inc. (Alexandria, Va., announced that it is allying with a group of IT organizations to form a Customer Advisory Board charged with providing market intelligence and direction for the company's VeriServ product. VeriServ is a tool designed to help IT organizations and application service providers reduce the incidence and cost of application brownouts.

"Application brownouts are a plague on IT departments and service providers. They are especially insidious because you can't guarantee service levels if you can't measure them accurately," says Robert Strechay, senior network analyst, Strategic Networks (Needham, Mass.).

VeriServ was created with Response Networks' underlying Verified Service Level Management (VSLM) technology, which is designed to enable enterprise IT organizations and service providers to enhance the quality of application service delivered to end users. The VeriServ software enhances application service by testing applications in real-time, and measuring end-user application response time. When this response time is lagging behind what it should be, a warning is sent to the administrator, thus making the administrator aware of the brownout problem so it can be fixed before the application crashes.

Administrators can also use VeriServ to monitor and enforce service-level agreements for application availability and response time across a corporate network.

Steve Foote, vice president, research strategy director, systems & application management service, Hurwitz Group Inc. (Framingham, Mass.), agrees that there is a value in a product like VeriServ. "With the shipping of Response Networks' VeriServ 1.0, IT departments can gauge application performance levels via active, real-time application testing that goes well beyond the collection of network statistics. VeriServ's Verified Service Level Management won't eliminate performance degradation, but is an excellent product for troubleshooting application brownout problems when they occur and helping to prevent them from recurring," he says.

Initial members of the Customer Advisory Board include managers from Qwest, Network Services, Information Technology, Scientific-Atlanta Inc., SAIC/Network Solutions Inc. and New Media Systems Division. During the next 6 months, Response Networks will continue to expand the size and scope of the board.