Finding It on The Web

From HP Professional September 1998

The amazing growth of the Internet, aside from opening unlimited new possibilities forbusinesses the world over, has added to the complexity and volume of the information weneed every day to be productive. How many times have you started a Web session with thethought "Now, how do I find that site?" Or "Where exactly can I getinformation on...?"

Everyone knows about ubiquitous search sites like Yahoo, Alta Vista and Lycos. Thismonth, we thought we'd search for some lesser-known search engines - engines that have totry a little harder if they hope to steer traffic away from the big boys.

As always, link to them all from

Whether you dress in pin stripes, paisley or plaid, there's a category sure to interest you at For searching through categories that range from Accommodations to Mining to Waste Management, this site's not just for the business-minded e-searcher. NOT JUST FOR THE BUTTON-DOWN 'NET SEARCHER, CHECK OUT PINSTRIPE.OPENTEXT.COM.
A good way to describe the Internet Public Library is through their mission statement - "The Internet is a mess. Since nobody runs it, that's no surprise. There are a lot of interesting, worthwhile, and valuable things out their--and a lot that are a complete waste of time." THE INTERNET PUBLIC LIBRARY STRAIGHTENS OUT THE E-MESS ON THE WEB AT WWW.IPL.ORG.
If ranked by the variety of search categories offered, calling themselves the "# 1 rated search engine," may not be far off. At Hotbot, you can shop at the Gap, travel with Microsoft Travel, attend an auction, buy cameras or a home mortgage and link to such diverse resources as Hot Wired and WEB DIVERSITY DOMINATES - MAY NOT APPEAL TO THE RIGHT-OF-CENTER AT WWW.HOTBOT.COM.
While most of its larger search cousins attempt to index the entire Web The Sleuth maintains an index of searchable databases which can be searched directly from The Sleuth, simplifying the search for information. The Internet Sleuth solves the problem of finding the thousands of searchable databases on the net and generating a search by finding the databases for you, and allowing you to perform your search without leaving The Sleuth. THE SLEUTH MAINTAINS OVER 3,000 SEARCHABLE DATABASES. LOOK FOR CHICKEN MARSALA RECIPES AT WWW.ISLEUTH.COM.
Sometimes you want to surf the Web just for the appreciation of things you may find there. If so try Perseus, a digital library of resources for studying the ancient world. Its materials include ancient texts and translations, philological tools, maps, illustrated art catalogs and secondary essays on topics like vase painting. A team from a number of academic institutions has worked together to amass Perseus materials. Over 70 museums have shared pictures of their art objects. SEARCH THE ANCIENT WORLD OF THE WEB AT WWW.PERSEUS.TUFTS.EDU.