Software Emancipation Technology Wins $1.2 Million Order from HP

Software Emancipation Technology (SET) announced it has received an order valued at $1.2 million from HP's OpenView Software Business Unit (OVBU). The order includes product, services, and support for SET's DISCOVER. HP OpenView plans to standardize on DISCOVER across its multiple sites located in California, Colorado, Germany and India over the next two years.

DISCOVER, an integrated set of applications and tools, aims to facilitate software development and eliminate software defects by analyzing source code and creating a database, called the Information Model, that captures the relationships among all elements in the code base. This offers a detailed view and high-level architecture perspective of the entire application, providing critical information for both management and developers.

Patty Azzarello, General Manager of HP's OVBU, said that DISCOVER will allow HP "to shorten its development lifecycle." The tools are designed to enable developers to build quality into OpenView solutions from the beginning, and the solution's ability to store and query source code from a central repository (the Information Model) allows experienced software developers to instantly understand code and new employees to ramp up rapidly.

DISCOVER supports C, C++ and Java, as well as Oracle, Sybase and Informix SQL, and runs on UNIX and NT platforms.

SET also offers Comprehension Solution SET, for developers working in an Internet/intranet/networked software development environment. This product, launched in May, is based on components of DISCOVER and allows developers to access, review and manipulate source code, graphical representations of the code, internal documentation and tests via a client-server model operating from a common browser-based environment.

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