Andersen Consulting & Baltimore Technologies Form Global Alliance

Andersen Consulting, a management and technology consultancy, and Baltimore Technologies, an e-security solutions provider, have formed a strategic alliance to provide secure electronic government services. Under the terms of this agreement, Andersen Consulting will incorporate Baltimore's e-security products into scalable solutions specifically dedicated to offering secure electronic environments to governments worldwide, enabling them to deliver virtual services to citizens and businesses.

The anticipated opportunities arising from this alliance cut across agencies, ranging from postal operations and defense to citizen services and the courts, and will aid governments as they reinvent themselves to meet the increasing demand for digital services in the new economy. This agreement builds on a successful working relationship Andersen Consulting and Baltimore Technologies, which was forged during their collaboration with the development of EasyTax, a repeatable, online revenue solution that Andersen Consulting introduced to the market last November and was first sold in Ireland as the Revenue Online Service system.

"Governments throughout the world are realizing the benefits of offering electronic services to both businesses and the public," observes Aidan Gallagher, Executive Vice President of Global Business Development at Baltimore Technologies. "In all situations, security and confidentiality of data are of paramount importance. Baltimore is pleased to work with Andersen Consulting globally to provide the security framework for a wide variety of solutions. The Revenue Online-Service system in Ireland is a perfect example of how governments are adopting e-security to offer customers a faster more efficient, secure electronic channel for filing tax returns."

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