Akopia Launches Developers Web Site

Akopia has launched a Web site where developers of Interchange around the world can exchange information and ideas.

Akopia Interchange is an open-source (GPL) electronic commerce application. Interchange is the software application created through the merger of two earlier open-source e-commerce applications, Minivend and Tallyman.

The Akopia Developer’s Resource site includes a live Interchange demo, beginner’s and reference guides, mailing lists and other information important to the developer community. It replaces Web sites for and, and contains the most up-to-date information about Interchange, as well as links to information for users of older versions of Minivend and Tallyman.

The site encourages information sharing, guidance and advice between users, but is also a pathway to Akopia’s technical support, professional consulting services and managed hosting services, which are all based on the Interchange platform.

For more information, visit

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