Compaq Supports the Right to VoteHere

Compaq Computer Corporation will work with, a worldwide provider of online voting services, to deliver complete solutions for state-sponsored online voting pilots for the November presidential election. The agreement combines Compaq's experience in delivering solutions to state and local governments with's online voting software.

Compaq's iPAQ hardware will run VoteHere software to offer voting devices and online polling sites with connections to the Internet. data centers will deliver accurate ballots over the Internet to each voter and collect and tabulate votes. Counties interested in providing online elections in 2001 will be able to deploy poll site packages, data center configurations, professional services, security services and the VoteHere Election System software. The Advanced Election Night Server solution -- providing near realtime election results -- will be made available to state governments.

The software addresses the public's concern with security and ballot privacy, using powerful encryption and advanced, patent-pending protocols. Online voting will be more efficient and cost-effective compared to the punch card, paper ballot and optical scan systems.

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