Marines Choose Computron to Help Harness the Power of the Web

Computron Software, Incorporated a global provider of e-commerce and business solutions, signed a $1.3 million contract with the Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) to implement Computron’s four e-Cellerator products, which include AXSDesk, TransAXS Procurement, TransAXS Vendor and AXSPoint Exchange. These solutions will be used to manage MCCS’ business processes for its 18 sites throughout the U.S. and Japan.

The Marine Corps Exchanges and Business Programs, a part of MCCS, offer a variety of goods and services to active duty and retired Marine Corps personnel and their families. Computron e-Cellerator solutions will enable online product review, requisitioning, and procurement, integrated with the MCCS back-office, so that online requisitioners can browse and search catalogues, receive online approval for purchase orders, track order status and create customized profiles.

Before the inception of e-Cellerators, employees had to be trained to use a specific client server system. With TransAXS Procurement, specific training is not needed, as the Web-based user-format is intuitive and customized by the user. In addition to the simplification of the entire requisition process, MCCS will see a simplification in the general ledger reporter through the use of AXSPoint Exchange. AXSDesk will provide MCCS with secure, Web-based access to financial applications. TransAXS Vendor will be the last e-Cellerator product implemented and will give MCCS vendors self-service access to information in a secure environment.

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