Sun Servers Chosen for World's Largest Internet Poll

Sun Microsystems Inc. will participate in the Planet Project, the largest worldwide global interactive poll. Sponsored by 3Com Corporation, the project will utilize Sun's servers as the database and Web infrastructure for the voluminous global polling data expected to be collected during the November 15-18 poll.

"A poll spanning this many continents and cultures has never before been attempted, and Sun is proud to play such a significant role in making it happen," said Geoffrey Baehr, Sun's Chief Network Officer. "Our servers are designed to deliver the bandwidth, reliability and scalability needed to pull off an event of this magnitude."

Available in eight languages, the poll will demonstrate how technology can promote greater understanding of geographic, cultural and economic differences. It will consist of eight sections, each of which cover areas such as religion; beliefs and fears; health and well-being; sleep and dreams; self-image; marriage; dating and sex; and law and order. There are 20 questions per poll section.

In order to engage people online and those without access to the Internet, volunteers will be dispatched around the world, including rural and remote areas, with handheld computing devices to facilitate poll taking. After receiving responses, a pollster will transmit the collected data through a wireless modem. Anyone with Internet access can take the poll at, or at one of the other local country domain names registered.

Additional technologies required to help bring the Planet Project to life include contributions from 3Com, Harris Interactive; Akamai Technologies Inc.; Oracle Corporation; BEA Systems Inc.; Mercury Interactive; Macromedia; Eucid Inc.; and AT&T.

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