VERITAS Software and HP Announce Support for Data Protection Initiative

VERITAS Software Corporation and Hewlett-Packard announced that HP will support the VERITAS VERTEX Initiative for next-generation enterprise data protection. Introduced and demonstrated October 24 at the VERITAS VISION 2000 user's conference, the VERITAS VERTEX Initiative is a series of VERITAS NetBackup solutions based on snapshot backup and recovery methods designed to virtually eliminate backup windows and speed the recovery of data, while maintaining availability of crucial enterprise information.

In phase one of the initiative, HP is supporting the integration of its own snapshot backup technology (HP Surestore E Business Copy XP for use with the HP Surestore E Disk Array XP256 and HP Surestore E Disk Array XP512) with VERITAS NetBackup data protection software. These products provide enhanced data protection for a volume copy created on an HP Surestore E Disk Array XP256 or HP Surestore E Disk Array XP512, and then backed up by VERITAS NetBackup. Phase two of the initiative, which rolls out over the course of next year, will support other hardware snapshot backup products from several major storage companies, including further enhanced support of HP snapshot technology.

In addition, to support for hardware snapshot solutions from HP, the first phase of the VERITAS VERTEX Initiative introduces the new VERITAS NetBackup Server Free Agent for use with VERITAS NetBackup 4.0V. The second phase of VERITAS VERTEX, which will roll out over the course of next year, extends VERITAS Software technologies to support additional operating systems, SAN hardware, databases and storage systems.

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