U.S. Defense Finance and Accounting Service Streamlines Financial Services with RightFAX

The U.S. Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), the Department of Defense's (DOD) financial services group, has signed a contract with Syscom Services Inc. to deploy 28 RightFAX network faxing and electronic document (e-document) delivery systems from AVT Corporation. Terms were not disclosed.

The fax delivery systems will be configured with the RightFAX Enterprise Suite at DFAS centers and operating locations in Germany, Japan and throughout the U.S. The systems will be used primarily to process invoices, issue purchase orders and generally handle incoming fax traffic for all branches of the U.S. military, including the Army,

Navy, Marines and Air Force, as well as various DOD agencies. Billions of dollars worth of payments and purchase orders will flow through the RightFAX e-document delivery systems each year. Initially, the RightFAX systems in the 28 DFAS service centers will interface to 793 phone lines.

The largest of the DFAS systems, a 240-line RightFAX Enterprise Suite, is being deployed in one of the agency's major centers. This system will be able to transmit or receive some 14,400 pages of electronic documents per hour or 115,200 pages every day. This kind of high volume communications is needed because the centers disburse in excess of $126 billion annually or around $500 million every working day, representing almost one-third of the total DOD budget. Payments to more than 22,000 contractors on 363,000 major DOD contracts were handled by the centers in 1999.

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