Unisys Introduces ClearPath Plus Servers

This week, Unisys Corporation introduced new e-@ction ClearPath Plus servers. By incorporating CMP technology, the servers support a mix of Unisys proprietary and Intel processors.

Unisys announced two new ClearPath server platforms in the CS7000 family. The CS7802 ClearPath Plus Server is based on the Unisys 2200 operating system. The CS7802 allows users to partition computing resources on the fly, adjusting to varying computing workloads. The CS7101 ClearPath Plus Server provides mid-range performance, based on the company’s Virtual System Architecture. The CS7101 supports multiple operating environments, including the MCP operating system on an all Intel processor configuration. The CS7101 features up to 32 Intel processors.

On the software side, ClearPath Plus servers offer the Unisys Heterogeneous MultiProcessing (HMP) middleware. The HMP middleware includes built-in capabilities to handle e-business technologies, such as Java, XML, IBM’s MQSeries and Microsoft .net.

The ClearPath CS7101 is available now, and the ClearPath CS7802 will be available in August.

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