Surveyor/400 for IBM iSeries and AS/400

Linux users can now graphically work with iSeries and AS/400 using Surveyor/400 from Linoma Software. With Surveyor/400, Linux users can visually work with iSeries 400 database files, edit records, run SQL, create and alter database file definitions, FTP, download and upload data, retrieve DDS & DDL source code from table definitions, view comprehensive object information and work with IFS folders and files. A full-featured 5250 emulator is also included in Surveyor/400. Surveyor/400 includes a built-in JVM for Linux and connects to iSeries or AS/400 using TCP/IP.

"IBM's iSeries 400 extensive functionality and awesome database had not been fully utilized, or always appreciated, due to the limited tools and interfaces which were available," says Bob Luebbe, President of Linoma Software, "Surveyor/400 was developed to maximize the productivity of the iSeries 400 user, at first in Windows and now in Linux. Since the front-end portion of Surveyor/400 is written in 100 percent Java, porting Surveyor/400 to run on Linux was a fairly simple task."

Surveyor/400 is free for one concurrent user of each iSeries or AS/400 in an organization. Pricing for unlimited user access is tier-priced ranging from $495 to $1,995.