New Products

Ariel’s RS4200 for Linux & NT

Ariel has released its 48-port version of the RS4200, a high-density 56K/ISDN PCI two-card solution for Windows NT- and Linux-based network access systems. The 48-port card set, available with T1/PRI or E1/PRI interfaces, can be field upgraded in 24-port increments. The RS4200 can accommodate up to 120 remote access sessions originating from any combination of V.90-compatible 56-Kbps, 33.6-Kbps or 56/64-Kbps basic rate ISDN customer premises equipment, and accommodates remote dial-in and dial-out. For more information, call (609) 860-2900, or visit

XTNDAccess IrDA SDK 3.0 for Handheld Devices

Extended Systems’ XTNDAccess IrDA SDK 3.0 is an infrared software development kit for handheld devices. XTNDAccess IrDA SDK 3.0 is designed for manufacturers to implement infrared communications in embedded devices. It features a multi-transport Object Exchange (OBEX) module, enabling manufacturers to develop products with more than one wireless transport within the same device. The OBEX is compatible with both IrDA specification 1.1 and Bluetooth specification 1.1. For more information, visit

ARCTOOLS/400 Version 5.1

DCSoftware Inc.’s ARCTOOLS v5.1 allows AS/400 and iSeries/400 shops to optimize their disk utilization – moving rarely accessed data "out of the way," thus speeding up production systems, while still making it available to production reports and inquiries. Data can also be moved off to tape, and tracking features in the software simplify locating the archived data in the future. Version 5.1 includes the following new features: RulesWizard, JoinWizard, "stop-by" date and time functionality and more powerful archive-to-tape tracking. For more information, visit

Orenburg’s BOARD Web Server

Orenburg’s BOARD Web Server offers rapid deployment of analytical applications over the Internet. Managers are able to enter and change data held in a BOARD multidimensional database from any Internet browser. BOARD Web Server allows managers to collect and analyze budgeting information, suppliers can also input their forecasts and estimates, and remote users can execute a BOARD analysis or quickly create a new one, then forward the updated information to customers and suppliers. For more information, visit

IBM Expands Quick Launch

IBM’s Quick Launch is now accessible to qualifying Web integrators, hosters and incubators, as well as to qualified resellers who are IBM Business Partners. Quick Launch is IBM’s comprehensive offering for Internet businesses and features a suite of products, services, education, support and financing. Quick Launch delivers a wider range of IBM hardware at competitive prices, an aggressive pricing structure on infrastructure tools and updates, up to 10 hours of free support via SupportLine during the first six months and a variety of financing options. For more information, visit

Aglio M-1 Mobile Application Server

The Aglio M-1 Mobile Application Server is a 100 percent Java mobile application server. Designed to give Java developers the ability to quickly develop, deploy and update mobile applications for the enterprise, the M-1 Server minimizes the challenges of creating and managing wireless enterprise applications. The M-1 Server is built for Java 2 Enterprise Edition and enables any in-house or contract developer fluent in Java to build sophisticated wireless applications without having to learn wireless protocols, programs or mark-up languages. For more information, visit

WRQ's Verastream Upgraded

WRQ's Verastream enterprise application suite 4.0 can tie back-end and host data to Web-based systems without reengineering. Release 4.0 makes this easier with its broader support for packaged applications, improved Web-based integration tools that use both Java and XML technologies and better management and SNMP support, enabling managers to easily track system errors and bottlenecks. Suite 4.0 includes Verastream Host Integrator 4.0 and Verastream 8.0, which combines rapid graphical integration tools with a broad set of native database and application adapters. For more information, visit

Kyocera 6035 Smartphone

Verizon Wireless’ Kyocera 6035 Smartphone is a dual-branded handset featuring wireless Web access, a large screen and support for the installation of hundreds of applications compatible with Palm OS software. The Smartphone supports CDMA digital PCS, CDMA cellular and analog. Customers using the Smartphone can utilize Palm’s electronic organizer, send and retrieve e-mail, manage secure, online transactions, play games, access several mapping programs, read e-books, edit and read spreadsheet and word processing programs and view pictures with an electronic camera. For more information, visit

Unimobile 4.0

Unimobile 4.0 allows existing enterprise applications to extend to the wireless domain. It provides XML-based enterprise application integration and can be linked with existing LDAP corporate directories used for e-mail. With Unimobile’s customizable platform, companies can take advantage of many features designed to improve project management, enhance customer service and generate new revenue streams. Features include: XML-enabled platform, LDAP V3 directory integration and advanced security. For more information, visit their Web site at

Artemis and STS Link to Distribute LINKS

Artemis Management Systems Inc. and Sauter Training and Simulation SA (STS) have agreed to distribute ArtemisLINKS (LINKS), STS’ Internet-based core management learning tool. LINKS is an interactive training program and knowledge base for project and resource management. LINKS harnesses all company project and knowledge management information along with methodologies, checklists, forms and project processes, into a single intranet location, thus streamlining and simplifying learning and training by helping users acquire the knowledge necessary to master project and resource management techniques. For more information, visit

e-smith Upgrades Server and Gateway Products

e-smith’s Server and Gateway version 4.1 offers two new features: Virtual Private Networks and Secure Web Mail. Virtual Private Networks enables those companies using the e-smith products to securely connect to their networks via the Internet from remote sites. Secure Web Mail offers the ability to access e-mail from the e-smith Server using any Web browser by going to their company’s URL and following a simple login procedure. Encryption technology is used to ensure security. For more information, visit

Townsend’s Alliance EDI Workbench/400

Patrick Townsend & Associates Inc.’s Alliance EDI Workbench/400 is an ANSI X12 translation tool for the IBM AS/400 and iSeries 400. It is designed for enterprise developers, independent software vendors, application service providers, and EDI consultants who need an inexpensive and high-performance EDI tool. Workbench/400 works with Townsend’s existing Alliance FTP. EDI documents can be automatically created and securely communicated to a trading partner’s FTP site. EDI documents received on the AS/400 can be automatically converted to AS/400 format and incorporated into customer databases. For more information, visit their Web site at

NetManage Offering Sentica’s Wireless Solution

NetManage will offer Sentica’s wireless solution, SenticaXchange, to its leading global enterprise clients that are seeking to extend their back-office information to the wireless Internet. Sentica’s wireless solution speeds time-to-market access and back-end legacy information for these enterprises and allows them to offer new features and services to their customers. Under the agreement, Sentica will also offer its clients and partners access to the suite of e-business solutions offered by NetManage, including NetManage’s OnWeb application. For more information, visit their Web sites at, or

SANYO’s FlashPoint Digita Photivity Technology

SANYO Electric Company will license FlashPoint Technology’s Digita Photivity technology to create new digital cameras compatible with FlashPoint’s wireless imaging platform, which is offered by Sprint PCS. Sprint PCS has already licensed FlashPoint’s Photivity platform to provide wireless imaging solutions to mobile professionals via the Sprint PCS nationwide network. Customers will soon be able to send images wirelessly using a SANYO digital camera connected to a Sprint PCS Internet-ready phone and data cable. For more information, visit, or

File-N-Sync File Management Solution

Peer Software’s File-N-Sync is a low-maintenance, high-performance file management solution. File-N-Sync offers simplified file backup and management designed to lower an organization’s total cost of data, including costs of data backup, storage and recovery. File-N-Sync uses the power of the PeerSync package to facilitate desktop and server file backup and synchronization operations. For more information, visit

LinuxNetworX Partner/Distributor Program

LinuxNetworX Inc. announced the LNXI Cluster Partner Program, an exclusive partner/distributor program designed for resellers and VARs to provide customers with fully integrated cluster solutions by LinuxNetworX. Program benefits include discounted cluster system demo units, product training, referrals and leads, marketing support through collateral kits and POP/PCS, a partner-only Web site, and monthly channel communications. For more information, visit their Web site at

FiNetrics’ OutNumber 3.0

FiNetrics’ OutNumber 3.0 is an Internet-based accounting solution that leverages the power of to manage rapidly evolving finance and accounting operations. Version 3.0 provides international accounting tools, including the ability to account for the impact of foreign exchange rates on financial transactions and access to realtime currency conversion rates between countries. Other enhancements include: a realtime sales tax calculator, the ability to create all reports in PDF format, expanded time and expense reporting capabilities and the ability to generate cash management reports and sales tax payable statements. For more information, visit their Web site at

CA’s Intelligent CRM Suite

Computer Associates International Inc.’s (CA) Intelligent CRM Suite is a solution designed to help organizations understand and retain customers through the intelligent analysis of transaction data. The Intelligent CRM Suite allows a full range of enterprise CRM applications to be integrated into personalized, visually intuitive CRM "workspaces" and maximizes investments in CRM technology for corporate staff, partners and e-business customers. Available with the Intelligent CRM Suite are the Customer Intelligence component, the Sales and Marketing component, the Customer Service component, the Human Touch component and the CRM Command Center. For more information, visit their Web site at

Pitbull LX Sacks Hacks

Internet security watchdog, Argus Systems, has released Pitbull LX, the Linux version of their intrusion prevention security system for the Internet. The newest version of Pitbull LX guards Web-facing servers from malicious attacks to Web pages and data and prevents virtual burglaries of proprietary information and monetary assets. Pitbull LX also maintains customer privacy protection and prevents denial of service attacks on the system. The Linux version of Pitbull is available for Red Hat 7.0 and SuSE 7.1. To download a free, 60-day trial version of Pitbull LX for Red Hat 6.2, visit

nQuire Suite 3.0

nQuire Software Inc.’s nQuire Suite 3.0, includes nQuire Answers and nQuire Server. nQuire Answers features the ability to get answers and intelligence through any phone, multiple new information charting and display types, navigation functionality and built-in intelligence portal functionality. nQuire Server features built-in support for dynamic characteristic and fact-based segmentation and clustering, multi-request, set-based analytic operations and cross-dimensional metrics. For more information, visit


agentMDK 2.0

agentGO’s agentMDK 2.0 is a full mobile development environment, which allows enterprises to reduce costs of development and time-to-market for their mobile solutions. Included with agentMDK 2.0 is an evaluation version of the agentWORKS 2.5 enterprise mobile application platform, fully documented tutorial applications and a suite of pre-built applications components. agentMDK also comes packaged with personalization, security and alert messaging functionalities, a Mobile Presentation Engine and a storage engine. agentMDK 2.0 is downloadable for free from the agentGO DevZone. For more information, visit their Web site at

MetricStream’s eBM Suite

MetricStream Inc.’s eBM Suite is a Web-based solution that manages business operations within and across distributed enterprise applications. The performance and integrity of all business processes can be monitored via customizable dashboards that provide realtime access to important, exception-based business process information. Key features of eBM Suite include: deployment time of less than two hours without disruption, multi-level visibility, exception-based enterprise management, Web-based management and reporting tools, and rule-based problem resolution. For more information, visit

Xerox Phaser 2135

Xerox’s Phaser 2135 office color printer prints 21 pages per minute (ppm) at 1,200 dpi resolution. The Phaser 2135 transfers a full-color image to paper using LED technology in a single pass. The printer features a 500 MHz Intel processor; the CentreWare printer management software, which includes an embedded Web server that provides for remote printer management via any Web browser; Printing Scout, which alerts users when toner is low or empty; and MailLinx software that enables remote users to receive printer alerts or submit jobs via e-mail. For more information, visit their Web site at