PowerTech Provides iSeries Security to Fiderus Customers

Fiderus, a provider of strategic security and privacy services, today announced a partnership with PowerTech to create a one-stop-shop for IBM iSeries and AS/400 mini-computer security services.

PowerTech, which specializes in iSeries and AS/400 security technology and services and is a member of the IBM Partners in Development Program and the Systems Management Partner Group, will allow Fiderus to add iSeries expertise to its expertise in network security.

Fiderus will provide PowerTech clients with high-level security assessments, perimeter penetration tests and extranet security policy development. As an added value to the security assessment, Fiderus and its underwriting partners will also provide insurability assessments, which are intended to help customers obtain better insurance policies for their network systems at better rates.

Under terms of the partnership, Fiderus will promote PowerTech's PowerLock SecuritySuite. The SecuritySuite includes PowerTech's flagship product, PowerLock NetworkSecurity packaged with PowerLock SecurityAudit. The products together give administrators the ability to monitor traffic on their networks and implement appropriate security measures. PowerLock SecurityAudit allows administrators to configure and run reports based on their own criteria, allowing them to see only the data that is important to them.

For more information, visit www.powertechgroup.com.