SEAGULL Acquires Renex

SEAGULL has completed its acquisition of Renex Corp., a software company specializing in Web-based emulation products for mainframe and midrange applications, in a recent stock-for-stock transaction. SEAGULL now owns 100 percent of the stock in Renex Corp., with SEAGULL issuing 205,250 shares.

Under the terms of the acquisition, SEAGULL has retained all Renex employees and established the Company's fifth development lab in the current Renex facilities, which will serve as a competency center for emulation development.

The acquisition is expected to expand SEAGULL's product portfolio, and offer complementary products for SEAGULL's higher-end Web access and application integration solutions targeted at enterprise organizations.

According to SEAGULL, many large organizations, particularly those with mainframes, require multiple levels of host access to support a widening variety of internal and external application users. With the addition of full function Web-based emulation, SEAGULL solutions support the entire range of host access options - from green-screen emulation to GUI browser access to application integration - for vital mainframe and midrange systems. The Renex products include full function browser-based desktop display and printer emulation, secure FTP clients and SSL support.

"This acquisition reflects our commitment to expanding our solutions in ways that most benefit our customers," said Kim Addington, senior vice president of marketing in a statement. "Most enterprise customers believe that the ability to work with a single vendor for every aspect of host access is desirable because it enables them to rapidly implement e-business projects with greater ease and reduced risk."

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