Intentia Integrates U.S. Ops

Intentia International AB has launched its newly integrated U.S. operations, which will be based on four business units: Midwest, East, South and West. The launch follows Intentia’s recent launch of four integrated operational regions in Europe.

Intentia’s new structure is intended to create an efficient organization where all the skills and competence of its U.S. operation can be leveraged.

Over the past few years, Intentia International AB has concentrated on positioning itself to meet the demands it anticipated would arise from the new e-economy era. Intentia has developed its Movex product from a traditional ERP system to a complete e-collaboration solution that can manage all the demands of the new economy, from CRM applications to ERP applications.

As part of the new structure, Intentia has taken over the personnel and customer base of Intentia West, a former Intentia partner, and division of El Camino Resources International. "Our vision of an integrated organization under Intentia management coincided with El Camino's decision to focus solely on its core business," said Mike Nutter, president of Intentia Americas in a statement. He continues, "Up to now, Intentia West has been our most successful independent business partner in the U.S. It has been responsible for closing such high profile accounts as Mission Hockey, Nordstrom Products, The North Face, St. John Knits, and Winterland." With the integration of Intentia West, Intentia Americas will add 57 sales and service professionals to its employee roster.

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