Stampede Adds Speed, Improves Monitoring for Lotus/Domino

Stampede Technologies has released its latest version of TurboGold, a product designed to make Lotus Notes and Domino environments run faster. Sporting a new graphical user interface, TurboGold 4.0 brings to Stampede’s flagship offering more acceleration features and improved replication control, as well as management and monitoring tools.

The replication features of TurboGold 4.0 are intended to eliminate communication bottlenecks by increasing the speed at which Lotus Notes/Domino updates, copys and distributes shared data.

The advantage of TurboGold is that it allows an organization to manage more users and traffic within the existing network rather than taking on additional connection costs to do so. With bandwidth at a premium, organizations are increasingly looking for opportunities to avoid connection costs.

In addition to its new replication features, TurboGold 4.0 is able to move messages through network servers without making changes to Domino’s mail routing processes. When a customer installs or upgrades to TurboGold 4.0, mail routing is automatically enabled.

Addressing the traffic problems created by deletion stubs – messages sent each time a Lotus Notes user deletes a document – Stampede has added acceleration technology for such transmission to the 4.0 version of TurboGold. With the enhancements, deletion stubs can move quickly through the network without overly burdening resources.

On the administation end, TurboGold now provides administrators a view of the number of connections, databases and replications and bytes sent and saved.

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