California Software Resolves Issues with UniComp

California Software and UniComp have reached an agreement to resolve all outstanding issues related to the acquisition of Unibol by California Software. The companies have agreed to establish UniComp as a distributor of both Unibol and BABY migration and graphical/Web enablement products. Unicomp will continue to serve its current Unibol users and to grow its client base with additional products in the graphical/Web enablement arena. At the same time, it resolves all issues related to California Software’s ownership of the Unibol name and its ability to sell and support its products.

“The team at UniComp has worked very diligently with us to reach an agreement that would provide significant benefits to both companies moving forward. The issues were delicate, extensive and, at times, contentious,” says California Software CEO Bruce Acacio. “In the end, we both wanted to do what was best for the Unibol customers and our respective companies and shareholders.” California Software announced their acquisition of UniComp last year in mid-November.

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