Jack Henry, IBM, Sedona Extend CRM for Financial Services

Monday, at Jack Henry & Associates’ spring conference, Jack Henry, Sedona Corporation and IBM announced an alliance whereby the companies will develop a customer relationship management solution for small-to-medium sized financial services organizations.

The offering will be based on Sedona’s Intarsia CRM offering, which is already positioned in the small-to-medium financial services segment. Using the data content in Jack Henry’s core processing systems, Intarsia will be used to extract customer information and enhance it with third-party business-to-business or business-to-consumer data such as lifestyle and preference information. Intarsia will filter, analyze and visually present the data.

The offering is expected to help users analyze customer and product profitability, develop customer and prospect profiles, and develop and track marketing campaigns.

Intarsia, which is an IBM DB2 application, is currently being offered on IBM iSeries and xSeries platforms and later this year will be available on pSeries. Jack Henry and Sedona plan to further leverage IBM’s reach in the small-to-medium financial services sector to market this solution.