Lakeview Technology Unveils MIMIX with Active Server

At this week’s Spring Common Show in New Orleans, Lakeview Technology unveiled its MIMIX with Active Server, available in MIMIX 4.1.3. The new version is positioned to deliver true Continuous Availability on IBM AS/400 and iSeries 400 by reducing the planned downtime required to compare and resynchronize files, reorganize and promote databases, and alter database tables.

"We have heard repeatedly from our customers that planned outages, no matter how well they are scheduled, are really impacting their productivity," emphasizes David Wegman, vice president of marketing for Lakeview. "In response, we have not only enhanced the core MIMIX solution, but have added functionality that addresses their specific pain - database maintenance and application changes that require them to be offline. This is now an issue of the past."

MIMIX with Active Server enables an array of application services that address common issues encountered at all stages of database file management, including the ability to compare files production and backup systems to be performed in parallel with normal production and replication. It also allows file-resynchronization activity to run in parallel with normal application production and replication, facilitates promotion of existing data into a new database format, and replicates new files on the backup side of the system in parallel with normal application production and replication.

MIMIX with Active Server also enables enhanced database services, including automated Alter Table support, enhanced trigger management and distributed parallel databases. Tightly integrated into MIMIX, they provide seamless support to help applications adapt to highly structured databases and complex, multi-processor environments.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The original version of this news item incorrectly placed the 2001 spring COMMON show in Atlanta. The actual location of the 2001 spring COMMON show is New Orleans. As a result, a change was made to this story on May 17, 2001.