LANSA Looks to Speed Wireless Development

With two years of wireless development work under its belt, LANSA this week at the Spring COMMON show in New Orleans introduced a set of components that leverage its wireless experience in an effort to streamline the development process for iSeries-based organizations.

Touting its new components as tools of efficiency, LANSA says they enable an organization to trim a multiple-month wireless development project down to weeks or even days. Some of the considerations inherent within LANSA’s components include: dealing with smaller forms and screens; bandwidth constraints; and time limitations associated with mobile transactions.

In working on wireless projects, LANSA has developed a system of best practices for building wireless applications for the AS/400 and iSeries. These best practices are the basis for the components LANSA is now offering developers. The components are designed to support functionality such as data entry, inquiry, maintenance and reporting-style applications that run on wireless devices and directly access iSeries databases.

LANSA has deployed wireless applications for some big-name clients over the past two years, including The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, KLM equipment Services, ODC Integrated Logistics and the COMMON user group, as well.

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