Intel Announces New Server Products

Intel Corporation Vice President Mike Fister announced company plans to introduce a family of carrier-grade, Intel-based server products for the telecommunications industry by the end of this year.

The new product family will initially include Intel Pentium III processor-based systems in high-density form factors, with carrier-grade servers based on the Intel Xeon and Itanium processor families further in the future. Carrier-grade servers comply with telecommunications industry requirements for platform ruggedness to survive environmental hazards, such as excessive heat and cold, fires and earthquakes.

Intel will sell its new server product lines to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs). Intel's telecommunications products will be compliant with telecommunication standards, including Network Equipment Building Speciation (NEBS) in the United States and European Telecom Standards Institute (ETSI) in Europe.

Intel expects to introduce processors, chipsets and boards for inclusion in two types of carrier-grade servers based on the Pentium III processor. The first will be in a 1U-sized dual processor server line. The second will be produced in a 2U form factor.

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