New Emulex Adapter Integrated With eServer pSeries

Building on an existing relationship, IBM has integrated a customized version of Emulex’s LightPulse LP9002 fibre channel host bus adapter with its eServer pSeries enterprise and midrange servers.

Emulex, a supplier of storage networking host bus technology, currently provides IBM fibre channel host bus adapters for the Shark Enterprise Storage Servers, FICON-based eServer z900 and NUMA-Q servers. IBM’s integration of LP9002, which is designed to be fully backwards compatible, gives Big Blue and its customers the opportunity to upgrade their existing investments with the latest fibre channel host bus technology.

LP9002 supports processing of more that 30,000 input/output operations per second, and can migrate to storage area networks operating at 2 Gb/s data rates. Meanwhile, LP9002 is backward compatible with legacy 1 Gb/s installations, as well as with drives and software written for Emulex’s LP8000 and LP7000E.

In addition, Emulex’s latest host bus adapter is equipped with features including full-duplex transfers, firmware upgradeability and hardware context cache. Emulex is positioning the LP9002 as a good fit for storage area networks with high performance and scalability requirements.

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