Vistar Datacom Brings the Keg

Coors’ regional distributor in Anaheim, California has selected Vistar Datacom’s GlobalWave two-way satellite data communication system for trial on their distribution vehicles. Using the GlobalWave MT2000 wireless data terminals mounted on their vehicles and communicating via geostationary satellite, the GlobalWave technology, which includes GPS, will enable the Coors vehicles to be tracked and monitored, and its two-way communication capability will facilitate up-to-the-minute information exchanges between the vehicles and the distribution center concerning location, route optimization and status of cargo.

After the initial implementation of the system on the Anaheim distribution facility fleet, the system will be assessed for potential deployment throughout Coors’ nationwide fleet of 650 service vehicles. Coors expects the systems will streamline distribution operations and cut costs by providing historical information on route optimization and realtime location updates. In addition, providing dispatchers with location information will translate to increased efficiencies, and better customer service through more accurate and timely deliveries.

The system will be deployed on a variety of different types of Coors vehicles, including delivery trucks, mini vans, cars, bob tail trucks and merchandise vehicles.

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