Novell Continues Market Momentum

Novell recently announced its strategy to continue its market momentum, focusing on its Novell NDS eDirectory service, with plans to release the newest version of the eDirectory Software Development Kit by mid-June.

The company also revealed plans to support the Open Group's newly launched “Works with LDAP” program and has submitted several Net services software for certification. By certifying eDirectory, DirXML, Novell eGuide and NDS eDirectory SDK, Novell will be able to deliver open standards-based products that are interoperable with Internet software and technologies.

Novell is also launching LDAPzone, ( a community portal targeted at developers that will give them access to free developer tools like XML and DSML, software downloads like LDAP and SDK, and educational materials and resources.

"Novell is leveraging its nine years of directory experience to drive strategic initiatives like these that will further the development of directory-based e-business applications. These initiatives are important to ensuring directories play a central role in the future of the Net," said Carl Ledbetter, CTO for Novell, in a statement.

The company believes that the availability of the NDS eDirectory SDK, combined with Novell's recent announcement regarding making eDirectory free to developers, equipment manufacturers and independent software vendors, will drive adoption of the directory as a core platform for the Internet.

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