ACOM Adds Sorting Feature to EZPrint Solution

Responding to strong user interest, the Atlanta-based iSeries 400 Division of ACOM Solutions Inc. has introduced a sort feature for its EZPrint/400 electronic forms/checks/labels software solution that provides fast automatic sorting at four user-designated levels for forms production and five levels for production of MICR laser checks.

The solutions was announced today by Mark Firmin, division vice president of sales, and is expected to conserve time and personnel resources by automating the sorting process, which many still handle manually.

The EZPrint/400 Sort feature is scheduled for shipment by June 1 and priced at $995. The feature was initially conceived for use with MICR laser check printing, since many companies partition their check runs by criteria such as dollar amounts and overflow pages, Firmin noted in a statement.

For example, in an ascending dollar amount sort, larger checks requiring manual signature would be grouped by field at the beginning or end of the run, making them easy to locate and remove from the workflow process. Similarly, checks with extensive overflow pages that cannot be handled by folder-sealer or folder-inserter equipment can be removed and handled as needed.

In forms printing applications, sort criteria can include such fields as vendor number, zip code, street address, fax number, e-mail and others. Invoices, for example, can be set up to print based on factors such as ascending or descending vendor number, billing date, terms and billing history, among others.

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