FORMation Brings Smart Routing to iSeries 400

Smart Routing is FORMation mg's latest feature enabling users to automatically determine where, when, how and to whom a report or merged e-form job is to be delivered.

Based on user defined keys, flashFORM400 will go out to an external database file to find the appropriate "To Address" field. Once this field is found, the program will utilize the captured fax number or e-mail address for delivery, or if neither are found, default to a printer output queue.

In addition, the spool file can be sorted and burst, based on other user defined keys to determine which pages of the report or electronic form go to whom.

Smart Routing utilizes conditional operations to automatically sort and burst a spool file, while at the same time makes decisions about the destination, location and which pages of a spool file should be delivered. Users can also specify what popular formats to deliver those documents in - PDF, EXCEL, RTF, HTML and more.

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