Pentasafe Helps Secure E*Trade’s Systems

PentaSafe Security Technologies has signed an agreement with E*TRADE Group Inc. to deliver PentaSafe’s VigilEnt Security Solution, which will assist E*TRADE in monitoring and auditing its hundreds of Windows NT servers operating around the world.

PentaSafe’s products will be a strong supplement to E*TRADE’s existing systems, enabling it to perform easier and more effective security auditing, vulnerability assessment, host-based intrusion detection, and security management on its internal Windows NT systems – and provide enhanced protection of corporate and customer information against unauthorized access.

PentaSafe’s products will be used primarily by E*TRADE’s security professionals who must continuously keep tabs on the latest cyber threats and potential vulnerabilities.

PentaSafe VigilEnt Security Solution enables security managers to proactively scan, pinpoint and address potential security issues on their Windows NT systems. PentaSafe protects systems and files from unauthorized access, tracks changes to system configuration, performs regular system security audits, automates corporate security reports, and sends alerts if suspicious activities are detected.

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