Legato Goes Underground

The London Underground will use Legato Systems' NetWorker, an enterprisewide storage management solution, as part of an IT infrastructure project currently underway. London Underground is rolling out a new standardized operating environment, which includes a server end and backup system. The total Legato installation will cover more than 5,000 seats within the organization.

London Underground supports 3 million passenger journeys made a day and serves 275 stations over 408 km of railway. With this volume of traffic and corresponding level of critical data, there is an increasing demand to ensure the reliability of backup systems.

London Underground had already begun the procedure of installing Legato NetWorker within three specific sites when it decided to roll out throughout the enterprise to both desktops and servers. The project required a backup solution to cope with both large and small sites. The whole system is monitored by London Underground technical engineers and spread across many locations. The system itself has the ability to store between six and seven terabytes of data each day. Once completed, the implementation will involve full enterprisewide backups per week and differential backups everyday.

For more information, visit www.legato.com.