IBM Gives Mainframe Access to Linux Developers

A new program from IBM will provide independent software developers with free access to the IBM eServer zSeries mainframe.

The program, the Linux Community Development System, provides developers with access to their own virtual mainframe running Linux and a Shark storage subsystem. IBM customers, business partners, independent software vendors, consultants, academics and even IBM competitors are invited to register for their free server. The program is aimed at helping Linux developers build new enterprise applications that enable customers to consolidate their distributed servers on a single IBM eServer zSeries mainframe.

The testing stage of the program has already drawn an expanding community of programmers and Linux enthusiasts from around the world. The mainframe can be partitioned or carved up into virtual stand alone servers. Users are assigned their own individual server to develop, test or port applications with complete autonomy. Developers can even reboot or recompile programs without interfering with others on the system.

Developers can enroll in the program via the IBM Linux home page at Participants should go the zSeries and Linux Community Development System links. Participants are being given access in stages. Users will choose between a SuSE or TurboLinux zSeries distribution of Linux and will be offered access for either 30, 60 or 90 days.